Author: Quantum Foundation

Any Private Limited Company Can Fund The Acquisition of Shares in Itself Subject to Some Limitations.

The Companies Act 1985 made it illegal for any UK company, or any of its subsidiaries, to give any form or Financial Assistance (loans, gifts, guarantees or any other form of security), directly or indirectly, for the purpose of purchasing shares in itself at the time of the acquisition, or in the period following the… Read more »

Director Advice Strategic Planning and Coaching

Director Advice Strategic Planning and Coaching Highly Effective Boards have very strong strategic planning skills. The latest research has overwhelmingly concluded that a sound strategy with a strong implementation approach is essential to sustainable success. Not surprisingly many of the elements necessary for the successful coaching and development of Directors and Senior Managers are also… Read more »

0% Capital Gains Tax When Selling Your Business

The majority of planned corporate “Exits” by Owner Directors since April 2020, have been via EOTs, Employee Owned Trusts, which potentially are subject a 0% Capital Gains Tax Rate. Before April 2020, subject to meeting certain criteria, directors and shareholders could sell their shares and take advantage of the Entrepreneurs Capital Gains Tax Rate of… Read more »