Author: Quantum Foundation

How to Pay 0% Tax When Selling Your Company

Tax Free Company Exits; Employee Ownership Trusts, EOTs, can allow Owner Directors to sell their companies without paying any Tax. Before April 2020, subject to meeting certain criteria, director shareholders could sell their shares and only pay 10% on gains up to a lifetime limit of £10m. That was the Entrepreneurs Capital Gains Tax Rate. … Read more »

Director Advice Strategic Planning and Coaching

Director Advice Strategic Planning and Coaching Highly Effective Boards have very strong strategic planning skills. The latest research by McKinsey and others has overwhelmingly concluded that a sound strategy with a strong implementation approach is essential to sustainable success. Not surprisingly many of the elements necessary for the successful coaching and development of Directors and… Read more »

Boardroom Thinking in Uncertain Times

Strategic Boardroom Thinking today in such rapidly changing, and to a degree chaotic, times is exceptionally difficult. We are in a period or massive upheaval within the UK economy and in the world generally. Globally it is not just the economy that is in turmoil, but also International relations due to the war in Ukraine… Read more »