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Chartered Management Institute Recognised Training Centre for Director Training Courses.

Perfect for understanding how to maximise the value of your company and how to best negotiate an acquisition or company sale. Covers Enterprise Values, EBITDA, PE Ratios, Market Entry Costs, Competition Barriers, Operational Stability and Intangibles.

All directors considering either buying a company, or valuing and selling a company would benefit from this course. Those Directors who simply wish to learn more about what drives corporate valuations would also learn a lot from this course. This is because most directors have absorbed their financial and company valuation knowledge piecemeal from their colleagues, which means that their knowledge is often patchy, incomplete and can sometimes even be incorrect.

This Company Valuations, Mergers and Acquisitions Course will comprehensively cover the area of Corporate Valuations, Mergers and Acquisitions. It will provide a solid foundation of knowledge as to how companies are valued and the steps that could be taken to maximise those values in the eyes of prospective investors of acquirers. It will also discuss how most corporate deals are structured and what would be likely to be the best approach for differing business situations and varying business objectives.

The Senior Course Leader is an FCA with extensive experience in Corporate Valuations, Mergers and Acquisitions. He is highly qualified to deliver this course. He has over 35 years of successful UK and International experience, including numerous company acquisitions and disposals as a Principal and as a Consultant, advising clients during his time spent with KPMG and as the Finance Director and Chief Executive of a Plc. He is assessed as “Excellent” by the delegates attending his courses.

To ensure that the delegates attending this training course will continue to get the maximum possible benefit, the delegate numbers will normally be limited to a maximum of 8.

Formal Certificates of Professional Development will be issued to participants who successfully complete this training course. These certificates will be accepted as evidence for CPD purposes by most professional institutes and associations, including the Law Society, the CIM, the CMI, the IoD, the ICAEW, the Institute of Learning and the CIPD.

  • Excellent Delegate Feedback

    ‘Fantastic Course.’
    Ben McConnochie – Senior Manager, Iqvia Limited

    ‘Great Course and Definitely Informative.’
    Yag Depala – Sales Director, Reflex Limited

    ‘Excellent. The course leader delivered the course in such a way that he kept my attention. I learnt such a lot, feeling far more confident in the world of finance.’ Christina Hack – Construction Projects Manager, Crocus Contracts Limited

    ‘I got out of the course exactly what I needed. Put across very well. Not as hard to understand as I thought it would be!’ Andrew Callaghan – Manufacturing Manager, Alucast Limited

    ‘Lots of good info and examples. Good engagement with the group.’ Dr Christopher Dudfield – Chief Technology Officer, Intelligent Energy Limited

    ‘Good coverage- just what I was looking for. Good delivery and subject knowledge.’ Dr Ashley Kells – EC Programme Director, Intelligent Energy Limited

    ‘Excellent! Philip’s delivery and clarity are excellent.’
    Colin Hunter – Partner, Coodes LLP

    ‘Would Highly Recommend this Positive and Worthwhile Course.’
    Daniel Altabas – Director, ADS Joinery Design Ltd

    David Bence – Consultant, Blacknor Consultancy

    Really Useful, Very Helpful, Personal Help and attention, thank you.’
    Andrew Chalmers – Managing Director, Ballard Chalmers Ltd

    ‘Excellent Course.’
    Peter Lamble – Chairman, Coodes LLP

    ‘Excellent Tutor who used appropriate and relevant real life examples.’
    Graham McPhail – Head of Education & Training, CITB, Construction & Industry Training Board

    ‘Really Great Practical Examples to bring the concepts to life.’
    Stephen Bowler – Associate Director, BGL Group Ltd

    ‘Explained the concepts in a manner that was understood by all’
    Daniel Evans – Senior Fleet Superintendent, AW Ship Management

    ‘An Absolutely Brilliant Training Session on finance for non-financial managers. It was the best training course I’ve ever attended.’
    Charlotte Sansom – Senior PR Manager, DWF LLP

    ‘Philip is Very Enthusiastic and Engaging. The course encourages questions and uses real life examples to substantiate answers, very helpful.’
    Charles Birkett – Director& General Manager, Ardmore Healthcare Ltd

    ‘Great Course, Very Informative and In-depth.’
    Scott Pudney – Operations Manager, Rosti Automotive Stamford Bridge Ltd

    ‘Fantastic Course, Great Course Leader – Philip made it interesting and brought it to life.’
    Nancy Artell – Senior Risk & Compliance Partner, Swinton Group Ltd

    ‘Excellent Overview’
    Paul Broadhurst – Managing Director,Hauser GmbH UK

    ‘Philip was excellent – knows his subject and delivered it with passion’
    Jez Alcock – Chief Executive, Healthwatch Nottinghamshire

    ‘Held my attention!’
    Dallas Pounds – Chief Executive Officer, Royal Trinity Hospice

    ‘Excellent level of detail and knowledge delivered clearly and with great enthusiam.’
    Chris Wheeler – Key Account Manager, Gulmay Ltd

    ‘Tremendous course. Course leader was extremely impressive and knowledgeable.’
    Lydia Fairfax – Vice President, Legal, Discovery Communications

    ‘This is a fantastic course that has given me real confidence to take more of an active role in my businesses’ financial operations, Thank you.’
    Director of a large communications company

    ‘Excellent course. Knowledgeable course leader provided us with all the essential details that a non-finance manager needs to approach financial analysis, backed up with insightful comments and examples, resulting in delegates taking away practical and readily applicable skills.’
    Operations Manager of a large logistics and storage company

    ‘An excellent course.’
    Catherine Lewis – Vice Principal, Corporate Services, NPTC Group

    ‘Perfect, best investment I ever made’
    Michael Waller – Chief Executive, WYP

    ‘An excellent course.’
    Owen Davies – Business Development Manager, Severn Trent

    ‘Informative and well paced, perfect.’
    Martin Randall – Sales Director, Vision Plc

    ‘Very interesting, very comprehensive and flexible’
    Bryony Lester – Superstat Limited

    ‘Tutor was extremely knowledgeable’
    Lorraine Nicholson – Access Training

    ‘Very good, many thanks’
    Robert Leach – Mosdorfor CCL Systems Limited

    ‘Philip has an excellent clear and approachable style.’
    Catherine Gallagher – HR Manager, Crown Prosecution Service

    ‘A great course …… I’ve recommended this internally.’
    Director of a large practice of chartered surveyors

    ‘I found the analysis of real companies particularly helpful.’
    Alison Biegel, Operations Manager, Anglia Tours Limited

    ‘I would recommend this course – Enjoyed the course’
    Peter Crosby – Briton Price Limited

    ‘Phil is simply superb. So knowledgeable and experienced. An excellent course.’
    Rupert Tate – Chief Executive Officer, Bear Grylls Ventures

  • Company Valuations, Acquisitions and Disposals Course Overview

    This course is assessed as “Excellent” by its delegates. To ensure that the executives attending this training course will continue to get the maximum possible benefit; the delegate numbers will be limited to a maximum of 4.

    This training course is being constantly updated to always contain the latest valuation trends and corporate sale methodologies.

    This half day Company Valuations, Acquisitions and Disposals will train you to recognise the value within any target company and become comfortable and fluent in discussing corporate valuations. This course places great emphasis on hands-on case studies and discussions, where attendees get the opportunity to practice their newly acquired skills and knowledge, to reinforce the learning process and to really integrate them into their core knowledge and skill set.

    This half day Company Valuations, Acquisitions and Disposals Course will provide you with the financial knowledge and skills necessary for corporate valuations, Acquisitions and Disposals.

    You will be able to value possible company acquisitions and disposals using techniques such as P/E Ratios and EBITDA ratios, as well as evaluate the likely change in the market value of your company as a result of the potential acquisition or disposal.

    You will gain a sound theoretical financial knowledge base which will be reinforced by practical hands-on case studies.

    This training course will be ideal for those directors considering buying or selling a company; they would substantially benefit from this course. As would those Directors who simply wish to learn more about what drives corporate valuations. This objective will be easily achieved through a very effective and relaxed approach to learning, which is significantly enhanced by the detailed discussions and extensive case studies.

  • Company Valuations, Acquisitions and Disposals Course Content

    This half Day Course will cover a wide range of relevant topics within the field of Company Valuations, Acquisitions and Disposals. These will include:
    Corporate Valuation Mechanisms

    • EBITDA and its variations
    • Enterprise Values
    • P/E Ratios
    • Net Asset Values
    • Net Tangible Asset Values

    Principles of Consolidation Accounting for Acquisitions

    • Goodwill in the Balance Sheets
    • Intangible Assets Generally
    • Consolidated Profits
    • Group EBITDA
    • Financing of Acquisitions
    • Group Amortisation

    Future Impact on Group Growth
    The differences between Corporate Values and Deal Pricing

    • The impact of risk and uncertainty on price
    • Earn Outs and Cash forecasts
    • Locking in the Key Revenue Generators
    • Predicting the Future


    Types of Corporate Transactions

    • MBOs and MBIs
    • EOTs and other Employee Ownership Models
    • IPOs
    • Private Equity
    • Trade Sales
    • Mergers

    Exit Plans

    • Timings and Contingencies
    • Different Perspectives
    • Impact of Accounting Policies
    • Strategic Objectives
  • Company Valuations, Acquisitions and Disposals Training Course Leaders

    The Senior Course Leader has extensive experience in company Acquisitions and Disposals. He has led and consulted on multiple acquisitions and company valuations on behalf of KPMG and others. He has also acted as a Principal in numerous acquisitions and disposals. He is an FCA, a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales, a Chartered Director and an FIC. For several years he was the Senior Course Leader for the Chartered Management Institute Finance for Non-Finance Directors course.

    He is actively involved in company acquisitions and disposals, as well as providing financial consulting services at board level. He has practical experience of funding new investments by procuring millions of pounds of new Equity Share Capital.

    His career spans over 35 years of UK and International experience, including 7 years as the Finance Director and then the Chief Executive of a Plc.  During that time he gained large company experience with KPMG Management Consulting, IBM and Arthur Andersen. As well as over 20 years of SME experience.

  • Company Valuations, Acquisitions and Disposals Course Learning Objectives

    This Company Valuations and Acquisitions training course will provide the delegates with a good grasp of the key elements of Buying and Selling Companies and the impact of acquisitions and the selling of companies upon their own Company Finances and Statutory Financial Accounts.  You will gain a sound Company Valuations and Acquisitions knowledge base upon which to build and acquire new and even more advanced Company Valuations and Acquisitions skills.

    By the end of this training course the delegates will be better able to:

    • Identify an understand the three man methods of valuing acquisitions
    • Be able to value any acquisition target using any of the main methods of valuing companies
    • Understand the impact any prospective acquisition upon the Consolidated Financial Statements of the acquiring company. That would include the Balance Sheet, the Profit & Loss Account and the Cash Flow statements
    • Understand the impact any prospective acquisition upon the Consolidated Financial Statements of the acquiring company. That would include the Balance Sheet, the Profit & Loss Account and the Cash Flow statements
    • Evaluate the financial impact of acquisition financing on the company’s cost of capital, EBITDA and cashflow
    • Understand the impact of any prospective acquisition upon risk profile of the acquiring company
    • Understand the key differences between statutory published accounts and the internal monthly management accounts
    • Understand the critical points of financial leverage affecting the valuation of any company
    • Select the most appropriate method of costing for your organisation and to explain the impact of your choice
    • Understand the many ways of buying selling companies and their respective advantages and disadvantages
    • Understand the main features of the processes of buying and selling companies and the critical points of discussion between prospective buyers and vendors
    • Be able to maximise the value of their own company prior to any eventual sale
    • Understand the key taxation features of the sales and buying processes
    • Analyse and make sound investment decisions based upon break even analysis and contribution analysis, with a good understanding of their relative strengths and weaknesses
    • Identify and discuss the key financial issues facing an organisation
    • Understand the wider commercial impact of any business decision and its interaction with non-financial aspects of the organisation, enabling you to make a better contribution to key discussions and decision making amongst managers and within the organisation
  • Who Should Attend This Company Valuations, Acquisitions and Disposals Course

    This course is developed exclusively for Directors and potential Directors. These include Chief Executives, Chairs, Non-Executive Directors, Private Equity Investors and Bankers.

  • Internal Staff Training and Development

    This Company Valuations and Acquisitions Course, along with most of our other best practice training workshops, can be delivered as an internal training course at your premises. Running training workshops internally is very convenient many of our clients and allows the participants to explore how key issues will impact on them and their organisation.

    This approach is preferred by many of our clients as it combines a high quality service with excellent value for money and is a highly effective route for staff development.

    In-House Course for Staff Training and Development

  • Certificates of Professional Development

    This course is recognised for CPD purposes by most professional institutes and associations including the Law Society, the CIM, the CMI, the ICAEW, the Institute of Learning and the CIPD. Formal Certificates of Professional Development will be issued to all delegates. These certificates will enable participants to evidence the update of their CPD records. The workshop will consider how to best apply the knowledge gained by the delegates upon their return to the workplace. This element of the programme is designed to maximise the benefits of attending and enable participants to make valued judgements when recording CPD activities.

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