About Please Help Us to Reduce Climate Change

Company Purpose and Minimising Climate Change

Our goal is to train and qualify at least one Director of every UK Board and as many directors as possible in the rest of the world. This will improve the quality and effectiveness of all Boards and their companies.

The profits from fee paying delegates will mainly be used to improve the quality of our Director services and to provide free training and other corporate services to directors and organisations who cannot afford to pay themselves.

Please look at our 100Trees Planting and Carbon Dioxide Reduction Initiative

We will reduce our carbon footprint and those of our clients.  Together, we and our clients will help the planet to breathe, by becoming Net Zero for COemissions.  We will achieve this by:

  • Planting 100 trees for every PDA delegate course day attended (we will measure and judge our success against this factor)
  • Funding the Planting of trees to offset our own COemissions.  We have already planted over 3,000 trees
  • Educating and encouraging our clients to take further steps to reduce their COemissions

Our business related Company Purpose is to:

  • Improve the Corporate Governance and sustainable performance of business organisations across the globe

We will achieve this by focussing on improving the quality of the Board of Directors, through the provision of annual board evaluation and benchmarking services.  Augmented and supported by high quality, timely and relevant board director training courses.

These are demanding targets and very worthy climate control objectives.  They are much more than just worthy objectives.  They are statements of intent, which are built into our corporate DNA.  We can and must deliver on Net Zero Carbon.

The Planet, The Economy and The Children of today are depending on all of us.

Please work with us today to help make everyone’s tomorrows better.

Carbon and Climate Facts – This is all sound science supported by hard facts and figures

The lifestyle of the average UK adult generates 16,000kg of carbon dioxide emissions every year.  To offset these annual CO2 emissions would require the planting of 1,300 mangroves.

Trees take in CO2 and water during the day.  In a process called photosynthesis; trees strip out the carbon to produce oxygen and glucose (a sugar).  The carbon is stored in the tree.  Top performing trees, such as mangroves, can remove 12kg of CO2 from the air every year.

Knowledge Causes People to Change Behaviours

We did a free personal annual CO2 emission calculation for a senior executive.  It showed annual personal CO2 emissions of 18,738kg. This person ate a lot of meat and took long distance (many air miles) holidays.

As a result of the information we were able to provide them. This person reduced the amount of meat they ate and promised to drive fewer miles and travel less by air.  This change in lifestyle helped the planet and helped that director to lose 25lbs in weight over the course of a year.

Now for the normal standard stuff, which is expected from a high quality business, but is perhaps less interesting and is definitely less urgent and much less important.

Our Clients

Our Courses have been delivered to over 10,000 client organisations and helped 10s of thousands of people o achieve outstanding personal and corporate success. Our clients have included 96% of the Top 100 Companies in the UK and over 500 of the Top 1,000 companies.

96% of the Top 100 Companies in the UK have attended our standard courses, or have benefited from our bespoke services

Our Background

The Professional Directors Association and its sister organisations have been leading providers of top quality Director training courses in the UK for more than 20 years. Our business model and organisation structure ensures that we are always able to access some of the best course tutors in the UK, with real life experience of delivering  at senior board levels.

We are able to deliver the highly professional scheduled Director training courses live online as well as in person at top quality prestigious venues, such as the London Grosvenor Hotel and the Crowne Plaza at various UK airports.  We have delivered Director training courses and workshops at literally hundreds of venues throughout the UK.

We are able to deliver all of our scheduled Director training courses, as single company Internal Director training courses.

Our Director training courses are supported by high quality printed and bound delegate packs. Your enjoyment and appreciation of the Director training, as well as your ability to focus, will be further enhanced by the provision of high quality cooked lunches during our scheduled Director training courses.

Please look at our 100Trees Planting and Carbon Dioxide Reduction Initiative