2021 Essential Sales Skills 2 Day Courses

2021 Essential Sales Skills 2 Day Course

2021 Essential Sales Skills 2 Day Courses

This fast-paced, intensive, but exciting two-day seminar/workshop will focus on helping you to ensure your future success in sales. You will achieve your maximum potential sales in the next 12 months. This seminar is led by a highly experienced and well known Sales Trainer, who has successfully delivered this seminar to many clients in London and elsewhere for over 10 years. He has a track record of success and will show you how to double your sales and has already helped many sale executives to achieve extraordinary results. He will teach you no nonsense practical techniques that have been proven to work time and time again. He will explain and demonstrate practical and straight forward sales strategies that you will be able to absorb and immediately implement within your own business, to achieve instant sales and marketing success. He will motivate and inspire you to become a Sales Superstar.

A sales strategy and approach, which may have worked many years ago, can often become a sacred cow, which must be protected and implemented at all costs. Given that change is a constant within the world of sales and marketing, being frozen into what must eventually become an outdated sales approach, suited to a world that may no longer exist, can never be a recipe for long term success. This is why Excellence in Sales is essential to become or remain an outstandingly successful company.


  • Sales Course Overview

    Modern sales is no longer about traditional selling. Today it is much more about helping people to buy, by making them feel comfortable with you, your organisation and your products or services. This requires good people skills and strong analytical skills. You need to be able to understand and to empathise with their fears and objections. You would also need to be able to identify and understand their motivating factors (their hot buttons).

    A thorough understanding of customer concerns and motivation will help you to soothe their fears and feed their aspirations. Good selling is really about inspiring and motivating other people to overcome their own objections and concerns whilst enabling them to focus on the benefits your products will bring to their organisation to enable them t perform at their peak.

    Great sales performance creates a sense of purpose and optimism amongst your customers and clients. Team work is promoted and respected. Together you will promote the success of the organisation, and your own particular client contacts. Nobody wants to let anybody else down and everyone is focused on future success.

    It is clear that good sales people are invaluable to any organisation. They increase sustainable profits as well as increasing customer satisfaction and retention. Everybody wins and the workplace generally becomes a much happier and more successful business environment.

    To ensure that the delegates attending this training course will get the maximum possible benefit from their time and that the discussions will be at their most effective; the delegate numbers would normally be limited to a maximum of 12. However, for internal single company courses, if requested to do so, we would be prepared to accommodate up to 15-18 attendees.

  • Sales Course Content

    Understanding the Sales Process
    5 key sales skills to double your sales
    Reading people and creating rapport
    Sales Superstars

    The habits and techniques used by highly successful sales people
    Mistakes to avoid
    How to a create and develop a successful mindset
    How to sell more by helping prospects to solve their problems, rather than focus on selling your products

    Learn the account management skills that grow business with existing customers

    The Key Steps in the Sales Process and the Psychology of Buying

    Understanding the key stages of the Sales Process
    Identifying the optimum pressure points at which to exert leverage to gain success
    Reading your prospect and establishing an easy rapport
    Identifying decision makers
    Knowing when to stay silent and letting your prospect close themselves

    Time Management Techniques

    3 simple and exceptionally effective time-management techniques
    What to do with all the extra time
    Helping and Problem Solving for your Prospects

    Sharing and helping instead of pressurised selling
    Focus on their requirements and fulfilling their needs
    Pacing the sale

    Developing World Class Communication Skills

    Learn the main styles of communication
    Recognise and match the communication styles of your prospects
    How to listen and question effectively
    Share benefits and solutions, instead of selling features and products
    5 most common communication mistakes and how to avoid them
    Successful Negotiations

    Learn the value of everything
    Avoid giving anything away
    Develop win-win scenarios
    Ensure that the prospects can always define themselves as winners
    How Superstars Successfully Handle Objections

    How to make successful sales calls
    Learn the difference between genuine and false objections
    Take away proven successful answers to many of the common objections
    Not all negative comments are objections, learn how to tell the difference

    Learn effective cold calling techniques
    How to ask for and get sales referrals

    How to Create and Deliver Presentations that Win Business

    How to design successful presentations
    Learn to establish urgency in the mind of the prospect
    How to prepare for and deliver successful presentations
    Learn the importance of the elevator pitch and how to develop your own
    How to Create and Expand Your Sales Prospect Funnel

    How to ensure the exponential growth of your sales prospects by recruiting current sales prospects to identify new sales prospects

    Planning and Controlling the Sales Process

    How to set and control the agenda
    Learn the importance of identifying the right objective for your sales meeting
    How to get to the decision maker
    Learn how to identify and deal with other relevant influences
    How to Successfully Close the Sale

    How to ask for the close
    Learning when to ask
    Learning the five most effective and simplest ways to close
    How to close without pressuring the customer

    What you have learnt today
    How to implement in your workplace what you have learnt
    How to become a successful Sales Superstar

    What is sales leadership all about?
    • A general overview of some of the crucial aspects of sales leadership.
    • Why do we need leaders?
    • Internal and external sales

    Personal preferred sales style?
    • Weaknesses and strengths of your preferred style
    • Suggest a personal action plan to minimise your own leadership weaknesses and to maximise your leadership strengths

    Sales Motivation
    • What does the research say?
    • Provide a motivating purpose – enhance the pride of your team in the value and importance of their work
    • What should the values of good sale people be and how should they signal this?

  • "Outstanding" Delegate Comments on the Essential Sales Skills Training

    “Without doubt one of the best trainers I have worked with.  He is always passionate about his training sessions and has the ability to view topics from many different perspectives.”
    Simon Pickerell, Director of Synergy Sports Solutions Ltd

    “By far the most enthusing Trainer I have ever had the pleasure learning from. He is passionate about delivering training to delegates with different learning styles and does his utmost to make every single learner feel valued as well as entertained!  He is meticulous in his preparation and takes very seriously his responsibilities as a Trainer by trying his hardest to ensure that all learners leave his training sessions a lot more knowledgeable than when they arrived.”
    Ajaz Mozher, Director of Staffroom Education

    “By far the best trainer I have received coaching from. His training was very well structured, always had time for questions and had a lot of variety. He never hesitated to answer any questions and always gave an answer that helped me understand.  I would recommend anyone who is new to sales or been in sales a very long time to take the course. It will really benefit you.”
    Lee Fletcher, Technical Sales Manager at Systems Integration (UK) Ltd

    “He delivers a truly exceptional learning experience and I found his approach unique and thought provoking…………A great outlook that inspires those that meet him……. An excellent ability to make the experience fun, whilst providing the right tools for people to always be at the top of their game.”
    Daniel Palmer EMEA Business Development, Sales Representative at Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud

    “Fantastic work ….. The very highest levels of integrity, professionalism and creativity….. Open to new ideas, willing to take on new challenges and gets great feedback from our clients. His ability to understand the audience and adapt to their needs is outstanding, and his enthusiasm for sharing his expertise is infectious.”
    Peter Freeth, Learning Expert

    “The type of trainer all businesses want, but never seem to find.  The sales training is always very well received by our delegates and receives excellent feedback.  He knows what he is talking about! Most importantly he really motivates our delegates. I would highly recommend him.
    Zoe Moore, Training & HR Coordinator at One Way

    “A confident, competent and professional trainer. He is approachable, friendly and makes the training sessions relaxed and to the point. I enjoyed working with him and I look forward to doing so again.”
    Mustafa Tary, Sales Support Administrator

  • Sales Training Course Leaders

    The Course Leader is one of the most highly respected Sales Coaches and Sales Trainers in the UK, with a prestigious portfolio of UK sales clients. He has successfully delivered this seminar to hundreds of clients throughout the UK, who have achieved millions of pounds of sales buy using the techniques and strategies that he taught them. Prior to becoming one of the top Sales Coaches/Trainers in the UK he was the Head of Sales for a major UK company.

    As well as being highly experienced in sales, he is also highly qualified professionally, being a member of several institutes, and so will be able to bring a wealth of academic, as well as practical expertise to bear. He will teach you no nonsense practical techniques that have been proven to work time and time again. He will explain and demonstrate practical and straight forward strategies that you will be able to absorb and immediately implement within your own business to achieve instant sales and marketing success. He will motivate and inspire you to become a Sales Superstar and to deliver significantly higher levels of Sales.

    The style of delivery is interactive, dynamic, fun and stimulating. This means that the delegates are fully engaged throughout the day. So the learning outcomes are highly memorable and well embedded; which means that the impact in terms of increased Sales will be exceptionally high.

    The course tutors are all very well qualified and highly experienced individuals; one of these will deliver your workshop.

  • Who Should Attend This Sales Training Course

    This 1-day training course is designed for both experienced and newly appointed Company Directors, as well as their specialist advisors and consultants, who want to ensure that they are complying with all of their statutory obligations under the Companies Act 2006, the insolvency laws and regulations, as well applying the highest standards of Corporate Governance within their companies. The Chairman of the Board of Directors, along with all other Company Directors, both Executive and Non-Executive Directors, as well as current and prospective, will benefit from this training course.

  • Training Course Learning Objectives

    By the end of this training course participants will be better able to:

    • Define, analyse and interpret the corporate governance issues inherent in any business scenario
    • Understand and quantify the impact of any particular course of action upon the fundamental corporate governance issues and concepts
    • Recognise and comply with the statutory requirements of the Companies Act 2006
    • Become familiar with the key aspects of the range of the insolvency laws and regulations with which Company Directors should comply
    • Understand the key aspects of the UK Corporate Governance Code and how good corporate governance can maximise company performance
    • Identify and discuss the key ethical and governance issues facing any organisation
    • Analyse and make sound Board decisions based upon a deeper understanding of the corporate governance issues and the statutory duties of a Company Director
    • Understand the wider corporate governance impact of any business decision and its strategic interaction with all aspects of the organisation
    • Become more familiar with the key elements of the most important aspects of Strategic Management
    • Become better able to make a strong contribution to Board discussions and decision making
    • Understand and implement a framework for Strategic Risk Management
    • Understand the personal and corporate ramifications of any potential insolvency issues
    • Avoid assuming any unnecessary personal liabilities through an imperfect knowledge of the law relating to Company Directors
    • Communicate more effectively and easily with fellow Board Directors and key advisors; through an in depth understanding of corporate governance and Strategic Management techniques
  • Internal Staff Training and Development

    This training workshop, along with most of our other best practice training workshops, can be delivered as an internal training course at your premises. Even with groups as small as 6-8 delegates, the course fees per person for internal training workshops can be lower than for open events. The potential savings are even greater, if the travel time and the travel costs of the delegates are included.

    Running training workshops internally is very convenient and it allows the participants to explore how key issues will impact on them and their organization. Then as a team they can begin to agree upon a development action plan, with priorities. This approach is favoured by many of our clients as it combines a high quality service with excellent value for money and is a highly effective route for staff development.

  • Certificates of Professional Development

    This course is recognised for CPD purposes by most professional institutes and associations including the Law Society, the CIM, the CMI, the ICAEW, the Institute of Learning and the CIPD. Formal Certificates of Professional Development will be issued by email to participants who successfully complete this course. These certificates will enable participants to evidence the update of their CPD records. The workshop will consider how to best apply the knowledge gained by the delegates upon their return to the workplace. This element of the programme is designed to maximise the benefits of attending and enable participants to make valued judgments when recording CPD activities