Finance for Non-Finance Managers, for Schools, Colleges, Universities and Charities
1 Day Course

Finance for Non-Finance Managers, for Schools, Colleges, Universities and Charities (1 Day Course) All Dates

This course is specifically designed for executives from Schools, Colleges, Universities and Charities. The course is being constantly updated to always contain the latest financial issues and includes information on financial matters that have only come into force in 2015. In particular it includes the impact of SORP 2015 and FRS 102, which are the latest relevant accounting standards. This course places a great emphasis on hands-on case studies, where attendees get the opportunity for frequent practice to reinforce the skills and knowledge learned and really to integrate them into their core knowledge and skill set, so that their future use becomes instinctive and automatic.

This course will provide the essential knowledge of those key financial management issues and concepts that are needed by successful Managers, Executives, Directors, Trustees and Consultants in order to provide the best possible service to their organisations and to remain ahead of their fellow professionals. The increasingly complex and fast moving world of today, with its very flat management structures, requires a firm grasp and an in depth understanding of a whole range of financial concepts and skills.

The completion of this course will provide a good grasp of the key elements of Management Accounts and Statutory Financial Accounts. It will also provide a sound theoretical financial knowledge base upon which to build and acquire new and more advanced financial management skills. The theoretical knowledge will be reinforced by hands-on case studies.

Attendees will become highly skilled at reading and understanding Income and Expenditure accounts, as well as company Balance Sheets and Profit & Loss Accounts. You will be able to identify and understand the reasons for the key differences between company accounts and charity accounts. You will become more involved with all types of financial discussions within your organisation. You will be more confident and comfortable when communicating with financial managers, directors, trustees, investors, suppliers and key clients.

There will be numerous case studies based around real published accounts of Schools, Colleges and Charities.