2020 Introduction to Project Management 1 Day Course Information

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Formal Certificates of Professional Development will be issued to participants who successfully complete this training course, in print for the 2-day training course and by email for the 1-day training course. These certificates will be accepted as evidence for CPD purposes by most professional institutes and associations, including the Law Society, the CIM, the CMI, the ICAEW, the Institute of Learning and the CIPD.

This Introduction to Project Management Training Course provides comprehensive coverage of the essential skills needed by effective Project Managers.

Some points to consider about leaders:

  • Most people become leaders with very limited or perhaps no formal leadership training or advice
  • Leadership is not easy; although anyone might do a decent job of steering the ship when the waters are calm; it takes a leader to handle choppy waters
  • The final 20% of individual work effort is said to be discretionary and therefore requires extra encouragement and motivation
  • Some teams and organisations, undoubtedly perform much better than many others facing apparently similar competitive forces and regulatory procedures, with equally qualified and experienced staff
  • Levels of sickness or absence vary enormously between teams and organisations employing similar people to fulfil the same roles within the same sectors
  • Change is constant; whilst some leaders welcome and embrace change, looking for the new opportunities within it.  Others pointlessly fight against it.  The tide cannot be held back, no matter how hard you push
  • Some organisations demand blind obedience, often confusing it with real commitment
  • Some leaders work to the wrong time horizon; chasing ever greater short term success at the expense of long term sustainable success
  • Some organisations fail to define what success looks like and how they are going to measure it, which makes it very difficult to recognise when you get there, or even if you are progressing towards your target

All of the above points are often made much worse by the lack of any real ongoing strategic planning developments; other than a general approach of, “how do we do better, what we did last year”.  This means that a strategy, which may have been determined many years ago, can often become a sacred cow, which must be protected and implemented at all costs.  Given that change is a constant, being frozen into what must eventually become an outdated strategy, suited to a world that no longer exists, can never be a recipe for long term success

  • Delegate Comments on the Project Management Training Course

    “Very insightful and will be of great use for future projects”
    Data and Information – Institute for Learning

    “Very informative, lots of techniques and reports shown and examples given”
    Assistant Director – South Birmingham College

    “Very helpful and thorough – a good day”
    Associate Services Manager – Institute for Learning

    “Useful information and lots of practical advice and tips. All the tools to get started.”
    Marketing Coordinator – Freefoam Building Products

    “Extremely useful grounding in project management, clear explanations of tools which will be useful. Supports and gives confidence in setting up at various stages of a project.”
    Regional Consultant, National Portage Association

  • Course Overview

    Project management skills are becoming even more important to successful organisations, as greater emphasis is given to controlling costs, meeting delivery expectations and implementing change. The current economic climate means that project costs and timescales must not overrun.  Whilst management resources are being spread ever thinner.

    Whether you are a member of a project team, project manager, technical specialist, financial controller or a senior executive, many of the disciplines practiced within project management will be relevant to you.  Having a clear understanding of how to apply them will give you an edge over any competition.

    This one day course will give you a good understanding of professional project management as well as the tools and techniques you need to effectively deliver your first “project” successfully. It will also provide a level of understanding that will enable you to go on to further develop your project management skills at our later advanced tools and techniques workshop.

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  • Course Content

    An indicative overview of the content would be:

    • Project Management overview
      • What is a project?
      • What is project management?
      • Benefits of using project management
      • Roles within a project
    • Defining the project
      • The Brief
      • The Business Case
      • Initiation
    • Running and controlling the project
      • Who’s doing what by when
      • Procurement
      • Communication
      • Monitor progress
      • Assure quality
    • Closing the project


    What Types of Project?

    This workshop is not specific to particular types or contexts of project; the skills are generic. However, discussion and exercises will allow reference to different contexts to highlight the use of the techniques covered in a wide range of projects, such as:

    • Quality improvement
    • Change in production or service systems
    • Management and staff restructuring
    • Technological implementation
    • Development of standards and qualifications
    • Marketing and sales campaigns
    • European or UK Funded Social Project
  • Training Course Leaders

    All of our Course Leaders are very well qualified and highly experienced individuals, with significant experience at all levels of Project Management.  They are current expert project managers and excellent communicators.  They have a wealth of practical experience and outstanding theoretical knowledge at their fingertips.

    One of these Course Leaders will deliver your course. They possess a delivery style, which is easily understandable dynamic and highly interactive.  They will deliver a workshop that you and your company will enjoy and equally importantly, learn a lot.


  • Who Should Attend This Training Course

    All new and aspiring project managers would benefit from attending this course:

    • This one day workshop is targeted at individuals that have little or no knowledge of project management or those that want a back to basics refresher. It is not necessary for individuals to be currently involved in their own project in order to attend this workshop, but where real life examples can be used; this will add further value to your learning process
    • This will help project managers to deliver successful projects.  These are projects that are on time, within budget and to specification


  • Training Course Learning Objectives
    • The key objectives are to:
      • Explore the role of project management within an organisation
      • Identify the key roles within a project and how they align to organisation structures
      • Examine the phases of a project
      • Define a project and explore cost versus benefit.
      • Initiate a project and understand the importance of good preparation
      • Understand decision making within a project environment
      • Explore different methods of planning and delivery
      • Examine project controls and understand how to apply them in order to deliver your project successfully
      • Understand how to recognise and manage the project team dynamics
      • Identify how to close a project
  • Internal Staff Training and Development

    This training workshop, along with most of our other best practice training workshops, can be delivered as an internal training course at your premises. Even with groups as small as 6-8 delegates, the course fees per person for internal training workshops can be lower than for open events. The potential savings are even greater, if the travel time and the travel costs of the delegates are included.

    Running training workshops internally is very convenient and it allows the participants to explore how key issues will impact on them and their organization. Then as a team they can begin to agree upon a development action plan, with priorities. This approach is favoured by many of our clients as it combines a high quality service with excellent value for money and is a highly effective route for staff development.


  • Certificates of Professional Development

    This course is recognised for CPD purposes by most professional institutes and associations including the Law Society, the CIM, the CMI, the ICAEW, the Institute of Learning and the CIPD. Formal Certificates of Professional Development will be issued by email to participants who successfully complete this course. These certificates will enable participants to evidence the update of their CPD records. The workshop will consider how to best apply the knowledge gained by the delegates upon their return to the workplace. This element of the programme is designed to maximise the benefits of attending and enable participants to make valued judgements when recording CPD activities.


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