2021 Ofsted Inspection Nominee Training

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This course has been completely updated, so that it covers the Roles & Responsibilities implicit in the EIF and the Ofsted FE Handbook that were implemented on 1 September 2019 and are effective through 2021.  Key changes include a much greater emphasis on more frequent and shorter inspections.  Is the quality of provision being sustained?  What is the capacity of leaders to drive improvement?  What about self evaluation and development plans; the curriculum delivery and safeguarding?​​

The 2021 Ofsted inspection arrangements place significant importance and responsibility on the role of the learning provider’s representative, “The Nominee”, both before and during the inspection.  This workshop provides high quality practical and pragmatic guidance on how Ofsted Inspection Nominees can maximise the effectiveness of their role, both before and during inspection.

With just a 2-day notice period there will not be time for provider nominees to obtain useful advice, additional information, or arrange personal training once the inspection is announced. It is imperative that Colleges, Learning Providers and other organisations, subject to FE & Skills Inspections, plan ahead to ensure that their nominees – including a “back up” nominee in case of sickness or holidays – attend suitable training well in advance of a possible inspection.

Colleges and Learning Providers aiming for good or outstanding inspection results cannot afford to compromise on their choice of nominee, nor the training that the nominee receives. For example, one if not THE key role of the nominee, is to ensure that the inspection result accurately reflects the quality of provision. This often requires the nominee to question and, where appropriate, challenge Inspector findings and judgements and to present alternative evidence. Aggressive or incorrect challenges could cause more harm than good and it is therefore imperative that nominees understand how to handle their role correctly. This is even more critical for Grade 2 and Grade 1 providers, where a poor initial visit by Ofsted HMI’s may result in a full inspection and lower grades!

It is essential that nominees and their deputies stay fully conversant with their role, duties and responsibilities and ensure that their organisation’s key documentation is maintained up-to-date and easily accessible at all times. This one-day workshop is designed to provide just such training.

This workshop has been totally updated to include the New EIF and Ofsted FE Handbook that was implemented on 1 September 2019 and is effective through 2021. Changes include a much greater emphasis on more frequent and shorter inspections.  Is the quality of provision being sustained?  What is the capacity of leaders to drive improvement?  Self evaluation and development plans; the curriculum delivery and safeguarding.

The 2019 EIF, Education Inspection Framework, and the Ofsted FE Handbook that was implemented on 1 September 2019 and is effective through 2021. This EIF underwent a consultation process until 5 April 2019. The course has already been amended to reflect the known changes arising from the EIF and will be further amended as more information becomes known.

Please note that the workshop is developed and delivered by Excellence in Learning. It is not an official Ofsted event.  Where official Ofsted Nominee Training is available we would recommend attendance at both, as the content emphasis may differ.

  • Ofsted Nominee Delegate Feedback

    ‘Outstanding. The training event of the year!’
    Vice Principal, St. Brendans College, Bristol

    ‘Essential advice from a practising inspector that will give you a holistic approach to reflecting on your current practice and developing a comprehensive plan of action to prepare for inspection.’
    Assistant Principal, North Hertfordshire College

    Exceptional value for money. I have never felt so ready for an inspection! I would highly recommend this course.’ Dave Malachi – Newnham College London

    ‘This has been the most valuable program I have been on in years’ Paul Cox – Vice Principal Curriculum, Peterborough Regional College

    ‘Really informative – some great real life examples and sharing of best practice’ Amber Orsborn Smith – Curriculum & Innovation Manager, Nacro

    ‘An excellent presenter! This course has made be feel more prepared and confident to lead an inspection’ Preeya Buckley – Quality & Performance Manager, Staffordshire County Council

    ‘This course should be mandatory for all nominees! Thank you’ Samantha Wilson – Director of Operations, Woodspeen Training

    ‘Excellent relevant information. Couldn’t suggest any improvements!’ Grainne O’Reilly – Head of Curriculum, William Morris College

    ‘Excellent useful information – clear and helpful. Good anecdotal examples that make issues clear and real. Helpful individual advice’ Perdita Mousley – Principal, Freeman College

    ‘Love the story telling as it brings scenarios to life.  Great handouts and content! Felt hugely supported now and post course’ Stephanie Powell, Schools & Apprenticeship Manager – KFC

    ‘Lots of good advice and ideas. Very impressed by the individual responses and follow up advice’ Cath Robinson, Programme Leader Learner Progress – RNIB College Loughborough

    ‘Very Informative and useful to have the perspective from the Inspector side. The stories and questions helped to bring the training to life’ Emma Barrett – Lifetime Training

    ‘Detailed, enjoyable and engaged throughout. Exceeded all my expectations’ Charlotte Fryer, Community Learning and Skills – Kent County Council

    ‘Excellent. A very experienced trainer with very helpful personal examples’ Anu Chanda – Surrey Adult Learning

    ‘This is an excellent course, the teaching style enabled us to grasp Ofsted requirements and generate ideas to help each other’ Heather Wilby – Birmingham Community Healthcare, NHS Foundation

    ‘Outstanding. The training event of the year!’ Vice Principal – St. Brendans College

    ‘Excellent. Book yourself on’ Head of Quality –Stockton Riverside College

  • Who Should Attend This Course

    This intensive one-day workshop will be of interest to anyone who might act as nominee on an Ofsted FE & Skills Inspection, or who might represent their organisation locally on a similar regional or national inspection. It is suitable for personnel from all FE & Skills organisations subject to inspection by Ofsted under the Education Inspection Framework. This includes Colleges, WBL and ACL providers and some 6th Forms.

    This workshop is heavily biased towards the FE & Skills sector inspections. The content in respect of presenting evidence, questioning and challenging findings is highly relevant to everyone in the sector.

    It is not intended for staff from schools or academies, which are subject to Section 5 inspections. Nor is it intended to provide a detailed update on safeguarding or data.

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  • Ofsted Nominee Course Aims and Objectives

    As a result of this workshop delegates will  

    • Better understand the change of Ofsted focus and the implementation of the updated 2019 Ofsted FE Handbook,effective from 1 September  2019.
    • Better understand the critical role of the nominee on inspection
    • Be able to prepare themselves, their organisation and their staff for a no-notice inspection
    • Understand what data and other information is required during inspection and why
    • Better understand what inspectors are looking for on safeguarding and E & D
    • Find out how inspectors evaluate outcomes for learners
    • Find out how Ofsted will evaluate teaching, learning and other provider activities
  • Ofsted Nominee Course Leaders

    The Chief Course Leader is an Ofsted Inspector who was selected to continue to inspect with Ofsted after its September 2015 “cull”. He has personally taken part in hundreds of Ofsted inspections and is acknowledged as a leading authority within the Ofsted community. He is also the recent Chair of a College Governing Body and was the Chief Executive of one of the largest UK specialist Training Providers. He is an excellent communicator, with a wealth of practical experience and outstanding theoretical knowledge at his fingertips.

    All of our Course Leaders are highly experienced and either currently carry out work as Ofsted Inspectors, or or have recently done so. They have significant experience of the current Ofsted inspection arrangements and have completed a significant number of college, provider and adult inspections, both short and long.

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  • Ofsted Nominee Content


    The morning session looks at the general requirements of the latest Ofsted Inspection Handbook and the Education Inspection Framework. It also explores the role of the nominee, from the initial arrival of the inspection team, through to the final judgements and conclusion of the inspection.

    The session also examines in some detail, the responsibility of the nominee to challenge, where appropriate, in a robust yet courteous manner all findings and judgements that they consider to be incorrect.  This is one of the pivotal roles of the nominee and one that can make real differences to grading decisions – but only where the challenge is made in a professional and informed manner.  It is essential that all nominees clearly understand what works, what does not and the harm inappropriate and personal challenges can cause.

    The morning session includes:

    • The New EIF and Ofsted FE Handbook published 14 May 2019 and implemented on 1 September 2019. This EIF underwent an extensive and lengthy consultation process until 5 April 2019. The course has already been amended to reflect the changes arising from the EIF and will be further amended as more information becomes known
    • The current Ofsted Handbook, effective from 1 September 2019
    • The new Education Inspection Framework, effective through 2021
    • The role and responsibilities of the nominee prior to inspection
    • Inspection timeline from Inspectors’ arrival until departure
    • Examples of inspection timetables and meetings
    • Key Ofsted documents used during inspection
    • The critical role of the nominee during inspection, including:
        • Challenging judgements where appropriate
        • Providing alternative supporting evidence


    The afternoon focuses on giving delegates information on inspection arrangements. There will be detailed guidance on ways to ensure that inspectors have access to all the key information they need and how to present it in an organised and systematic manner. There will also be practical checklists and tips on how to help prepare all parties for inspection, including:

    • The Organisation
    • The Staff
    • The Employers
    • The Learners

    Careful preparation and presentation of relevant documentation from the provider has become even more important in the most recent style of the inspection process.  Information and data is needed from the first telephone conversation or meeting with the Lead Inspector. The benefits of knowing what is required and how to present it effectively should not be underestimated

    Content for the afternoon includes:

    • The inspection regime – myths and realities!
    • How to prepare your organisation for inspection, even if you do not know when!
    • Pre-inspection data and other information
    • The role of provider staff during inspection
    • Tips for Inspection success
    • An opportunity to raise any questions, queries or concerns with an experienced inspector

    Covering The New EIF and Ofsted FE Handbook Published 14 May 2019, Effective Through 2021

  • Internal Staff Training and Development

    This training workshop, along with most of our other best practice training workshops, can be delivered as an internal training course at your premises. Even with groups as small as 6 delegates, the course fees per person for internal training workshops can be lower than for open events. The potential savings are even greater, if the travel time and the travel costs of the delegates are included.

    Running training workshops internally is very convenient many of our clients and allows the participants to explore how key issues will impact on them and their organisation. Then as a team they can begin to agree upon development action plans and assign priorities. This approach is favoured by many of our clients as it combines a high quality service with excellent value for money and is a highly effective route for staff development.

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  • Certificates of Professional Development

    This course is recognised for CPD purposes by most professional institutes and associations including the Law Society, the CIM, the CMI, the ICAEW, the Institute of Learning and the CIPD. Formal Certificates of Professional Development will be issued to delegates who successfully complete this course. These certificates will enable participants to evidence the update of their CPD records. The workshop will consider how to best apply the knowledge gained by the delegates upon their return to the workplace. This element of the programme is designed to maximise the benefits of attending and enable participants to make valued judgements when recording CPD activities.

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